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Howdy Stranger,

My name is Ties and this is a hobby project which went a little out of control... Version 0.5 was made in a weekend and the re-code (v1.0) was another weekend well spend. I hope you like the result! If you do, you can leave comment on Facebook and Twitter, many thanks in advance.

I am a was created for projects of my like this, (javascript only) webapplications and tools home brewed. As positive feedback increased, the idea arose to make it public. This is it!


© Matthis de Wit


MusicWall Home - Lastfm's hyped artist


The first to rows of resluts will be artists from Lastfm, then tracks from Lastfm and after that maybe some Youtube results. Every tile has an image, and a label of two rows. When you click on the image the item starts playing.

The links on the labels will show different sets of tiles; more tracks from an artist, similar artists, similar tracks, related Youtube videos or more videos from the Youtube author. What's on the tiles depends on the type of tile you click!

When you click on a tile, it will either become red or green, which indicates you are respectively playing the item or browsing it.


In the sidebar the video will be shown with under the video its information. Hover over the links to receive more information over what tiles will be loaded.

In the menu above the sidebar, different panels can be loaded (About, Twitter and Facebook). To get back to the video information click video. Dont worry the video will continue to play. :)


Click on "Playlist" to toggle playlist mode, by default it is off. Nothing really changes in workflow, except when clicked on a tile image items will be added to the playlist instead of instantly played.

You can sort songs drag-n-drop style and remove em if you dont want to hear em anymore, its really easy. When the playlist is empty, the MusicWall will continue to play items from the wall!


"It's a wrap", and it is. You now know all the features of the MusicWall! Was this tour useful to you?